This Washing Machine For Your Brushes Could Revolutionize Your Makeup Regimen

Brush cleaning is a b*tch. But holy gawsh, if it isn’t the most important thing a foundation lover can do for her face, and, incidentally, her wallet. You probably already knew that gunked up brushes make your makeup look much darker than it is supposed to, make it tough to apply, and they are a big cause of acne. Did you also know that they help spread the herp?! And have you ever heard of “poo face”, the delightful situation when your brushes collect toilet spray over time and all the nasty particles that are involved with that?  So yeah, brush cleaning is imperative, but it’s also an annoying chore that takes up years of your time.


Model Fierra Cruz, however, is attempting to change the brush cleaning game with her new digitized brush cleaning tool. “I came up with the concept for the device in 2012, as I completed my daily chore of manually cleaning several dirty makeup brushes one by one. I searched for something to help and could not find anything.” Thus, she brainstormed, sketched, and finally enlisted the help of an engineer to create “a washing machine for your brushes.” It’s called Lilumia, and it looks like a large, clear egg. You stick your brushes into in with soap, push a button, and in five minutes they pop out clean as new.

The Lilumia hasn’t been released yet, so we haven’t been able to try it out for ourselves. The next best thing, though, was obviously to have a chat with the mastermind responsible for the future of brush cleaning. Fierra will definately convince you the Lilumia is one of the most important new tools in skin care. See for yourself.


Why is it essential to clean your brushes?

Our dirty makeup brushes contain bacteria, dirt, oils, cosmetic build up, skin cells, etc and we are putting that onto our face which can cause our skin to break out. Recently, I saw a news headline where a woman was paralyzed due to using a friend’s dirty makeup brush. It is becoming more apparent how important it is to clean our brushes. On a lighter note, our makeup applications come out closer to perfect when our brushes are free of cosmetic build up.

Are there different methods for cleaning cheap brushes and cleaning expensive brushes?

I would encourage everyone who uses a makeup brush to apply their makeup to invest in quality makeup brushes. Low quality brushes do not hold up as well, even when you clean them regularly, and you will need to replace them often.

Have you personally ever had a brush cleaning disaster you can tell us about?

Yes! I put off cleaning my brushes for a long time. I applied my makeup with those dirty brushes and my face looked like a nightmare. The worst part about it is that I broke out the next day.

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