Fewer and Fewer Americans Have an Issue with Premarital Sex

Unsurprisingly, fewer and fewer Americans think that premarital sex is morally wrong, according to a study done by the Pew Research Center. 38% of Adult americans (and let’s be real, probably older adults) are saying that premarital sex is almost always wrong. And that’s good news for all the millenials who are having casual sex and trying to have an active sex life without getting preached at by their parents.

This low number probably has a lot to do with a generational divide when it comes to the topic of marriage amongst older americans and millenials. While older adults traditionally understand marriage as an ideal, younger people are getting married at exceedingly low rates–rates that have stayed low over the years according to data collected by Gallup.

The reduction in marriages amongst young people hasn’t lead to a reduction in births that occur outside of marriage, however. Pew cites the fact that despite choosing to forego marriage, many women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are having children anyway while delaying marriage. So what’s the deal with women having children despite not being married? Turns out women are putting a hold on getting married for a variety of reasons– some that range from not being economically well off enough to justify throwing what ultimately ends up being a very expensive party, to not wanting to settle down with any one person just yet.

Either way, we think having deciding to have children and not get married is sufficient proof that you don’t really need a man around (at least permanently) to do anything in life ladies– even when it comes to having a family and raising children.

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