Dear Festival Generation, Keep Spreading The Love

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In August of 1969 – More than 500,000 people attended Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York. Despite many logistical problems over the course of the 3 days, being grossly under-prepared for the number of attendees, and a torrential thunderstorm, the free festival is hailed by many as the pinnacle positive moment of the 1960s cultural era. The feelings of peace, love, and unity that spread among attendees not only over-shadowed any problems the event had, it was strong enough to define the entire youth generation.
Just 4 months later & on the other side of the country, Altamont music festival in Northern California was anticipated as the “Woodstock of the West”. Over 300,000 people came out to see their favorite bands like Jefferson Airplane and the Rolling Stones, many of the same bands who played in New York. However, unlike Woodstock, Altamont was marred by violence, rowdy fans, and out of control drug use. In the span of a single day, there were 4 deaths (including 1 very public murder), & hundreds of injuries. As a result, many people considered Altamont to be a tragedy which marked “the end of the era of peace & love”.In just one day, a handful of people making bad decisions & acting without respect towards others, managed to destroy many people’s hope for maintaining the ideals of an entire movement. However, when people look back and talk about the “hippie generation“, the first thing that will usually come to mind is “Woodstock & the Summer of Love”. Nobody remembers Altamont, and you won’t hear anybody bragging they were there.

We are in the midst of a turning point in youth culture- the dawn of a new era. Despite all of the negatives that can be said about our generation & the “Dance Music” revolution, in the end we will be most remembered for the greatest positive experiences we create and the best ideals we represent. Whether you’re at a festival or just a show, keep this in mind with the decisions you make and the way you treat others; always do whatever you can to help make the experience a positive one you’d be proud to remember. Consider, in 20 years when you look back, would you rather be able to tell your kids you helped define a movement of love & respect, or do you want to only remember contributing to a heap of forgotten negative memories that get swept under the rug?

Be good to each other, be responsible, & keep spreading the love…it will be remembered!

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