UK Artist Femme On London Style, Edie Sedgwick, And Blue M&M’s

British, blonde, and bound for stardom– Femme is definitely one girl you’ll want to keep an eye on. Her newly released single, Fever Boy, is a sure fire hit with its retro, electro-pop vibes that are perfectly embodied in the songs equally flirty, fun video. We caught up with the singer  and got filled in on everything that is Femme…

Describe your sound in 5 words

Girls. Beats. Bass. Fun. Pink.

Tell us about the record Fever Boy?

Fever Boy is about hanging out with a near stranger or remembering a time when you both didn’t know each other. The excitement of meeting someone for the first time and spending the rest of a summer with them­­. Fever Boys and Bullet Girls. Naked girls in afghan coats and compulsory fun. I’d probably eaten a few too many blue M&Ms when I wrote this tune.

Who’s your biggest style inspiration?

Iris Apfel­­­­––if not even for the ‘look’ but more the bold attitude behind it. I love to see that confidence in anyone. If you’ve got that kind of “f*** you” attitude, in my eyes you can wear anything and never go wrong. A similar thing I love Vivienne Westwood for, she’s got ‘it’. Same with Madonna circa 1980. I find that confidence very inspiring.

If you could be any animal what would it be?


What do you do to get your look?

Clinique moisturizer, MAC foundation, Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Gosh lippy. My hair is so bleached it needs a lot of TLC, so I use a Redken deep conditioning mask on it once a week and Label.M products to style it.

What does the name Femme mean to you?

Girls. Strength. Power. Sass.

How does London style compare to everywhere else’s?

I think London style varies wildly depending on where you live and the scenes you hang out in but my London style is an eclectic mix between upcoming designer pieces and recycled vintage. I think London street style sets trends. You see a few people out East rocking a new look and then a month later everyone in that area is sporting that look, and then 6 months later you see it being sold in the stores on Oxford Street. South and East London street style is where it all begins. I can’t speak for Chelsea though; I’m not sure what goes on over there.

What influences did you have growing up that shaped the way you write music?

I grew up spending most of my summer holidays in darkened West End theatres, as my Dad is a theatre writer and director. Even though I never followed his footsteps into acting there’s something in the blood there, which is present in my music. There’s a flirty make-believe in a lot of what a produce.

How would you describe the record you’re working on?

It’s full of summertime jams. Anyone would think I’ve been living in LA but I think the reality is that living in rainy England makes me write feel-good, sunshine beats. Aspirational you might say. In my music I try to walk a line of combining big, masculine hip-hop influenced beats with 60s girl group melody. It’s like Blondie, Madonna and Santigold stumbling into a dark hip-hop club, getting drunk and ending up hanging out with The Ronettes. A big, raucous girl party.

Any girls that you wouldn’t kick out of bed?

Edie Sedgwick circa 1966.

What’s coming up for Femme?

I’ve got my debut AA single ‘Fever Boy/Heartbeat’ coming out 25th November. After that, I’m going to head stateside for a couple of shows in NY and LA and meet some new peeps and then I’ll be back in London getting everything in place to put the record out in 2014. Making more videos, taking more photos, playing some shows.

What are dressing up for as this Halloween? 

Imma try this baby on for size…


And finally, do British boys give the most fever? 

I’m dating a Finnish man so the jury is still out on that one.

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