This feminist French film character is a grunge style icon

When you think of France, the word fashion comes to mind, doesn’t it? But you might not think of feminism off the bat.

Well, if you’ve ever seen the 1995 film “Before Sunrise,” a movie where actress Julie Delpy plays a woman named Celine, you might not think that. Celine is French, feminist af, and has a chic grunge style.

France, fashion and feminism all come together in Celine.

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She is the onscreen lover of Ethan Hawke’s character Jesse in the film. Their first encounter is on a train in Europe leaving Budapest. Jesse convinces Celine to tag along with him to embark on an all-nighter through Vienna. The two get to know one another through a series of conversations filled with sexual innuendos, fiery debates, and historical tidbits. Even more amusing than their conversations is her feminist approach to just about everything.

Celine, a character who lives in Paris, France, is a very passionate feminist and environmental activist – a powerful muse for women of the time. 

Although French feminist fashion existed before Julie Delpy’s character Celine did, she did a great job of capturing it on the big screen. She talks about feminism religiously throughout the film, saying things like, “I have this awful, paranoid thought that feminism was mostly invented by men so they could, like, fool around. You know: ‘Women! Free your mind, free your body, sleep with me!'”

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Too bad the guys of today haven’t realized that feminism would actually be chill for them and that it’s not about man-hating!

Celine also brings her A-game when it comes to her grunge-inspired style.

Her look was edgy in a way that made her stand out among every other woman on the streets of Vienna. The tank shift dress over a white t-shirt is definitely a style you’ll see today, but in the film Celine is the only one rocking it. Clinging to her dress is her new boo’s plaid shirt – can you say iconique?

If you haven’t seen the movie, add it to your bucket list stat! Here’s a little sneak peak:

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