Felix Gives Us A Lesson In Dance Music

Felix is bringing new life into his legendary dance track,”Don’t You Want Me?” with a brand new remix and reissue this spring! Since first making waves in the electronic dance scene, the UK producer has been sampled by the likes of David Guetta and Snoop Dogg (or should we say Snoop Lion?). Felix made sure to give us a proper lesson in dance music and also let us know what he’s not looking to bring back from the ’90s.

Galore Mag - Felix - Don't You Want Me - 90s

I saw your little snippet on instagram… do you have a record coming out?!
The first thing that’s happening is we have a single that’s coming out in April. It’s the 23rd anniversary of my biggest single, “Don’t You Want Me?” I’m excited for the remix and reinterpretation of the original. That’s coming out of a really great Netherlands label called Armada Music. I’ve been working on my album continuously now for a couple years…thinking sometime later this year.

“Don’t You Want Me” will forever be the jam. What are some dance songs that you will always be obsessed with?
I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with any dance tracks at the moment. There are a lot of really exciting things happening at the moment. It’s a very nice scene and people are making music from all different backgrounds now, which is different then when I started…it makes it really interesting because there is so much different music being made. There’s also, because of the internet, a lot mediocre stuff as well, so it can be difficult to kind of dial your way through the stuff that’s available. I think the good stuff always comes to the top eventually…I also listen to all different styles of music though so it’s hard to say.

I think that’s always a good thing though. Gives you some well-rounded knowledge.
I think it’s a sign of maturity when you listen to lots of different styles. You need to recognize that there’s so much more out there…it takes a while to gain that. There is more and more being created out there so in some ways it gets tougher as time passes. Knowing history and the roots of where something comes from is important with dance music especially. It’s constantly referencing itself as well as moving forward. It originated through Chicago-house and techno and all those styles that made the sound what it is now. The more that you know about it, the more enjoyment you get out of making music. It’s about being a fan of music, first and foremost.

Speaking of history and your start in the ’90s…What’s something you hope forever stays in the ’90s and something you want to bring back?
I don’t really want anything to come back to be honest. I’m quite lucky because I didn’t take a lot of photos of myself in that period. Thinking back about what people used to wear and do the hair like that…it was a crazy time. People weren’t necessarily interested in taking care of their appearance like they are now. It was more about the feeling and the time. One thing that was special about the time, when I was first getting into the scene, was there was a very good sense of inclusiveness…that is a nice feeling and I hope that’s the same for people these days.

Galore Mag - Felix - Don't You Want Me - 90s

What’s the secret to being a dad and still being the life of the party when you DJ?
I’m not necessarily going to be the party guy but it’s still about entertaining and being professional. Finding the music that you like and wanting to put on that passion for everyone. With my personal life: I have a very tight family. I do a lot of dad stuff and family stuff. We’re a very musical family anyway. There’s really not that much separation anyway. It seems like an extension of what’s going on. Obviously I can’t take my sons to the clubs though.

We’re already dreaming of the warm freedom of summer. How are you going to live up the summer?
It feels like summer already but I’m thinking ahead to the summer, which feels like a long way away. My focus this year is on getting my music back out to people. It’s just really exciting to get it out to the public and see what people think.

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