#FBF: Women Who Rule Celebrate Their Music Queens

What better way to celebrate #FBF and girl power than with the OG queens of music? More and more women are coming to the forefront of the music scene and we’re seeing some serious badass females take the spotlight. These women are kicking ass and also serving as the coolest role models to younger generations. So today, we celebrate by bowing down to the women that paved the way. Listen to the iconic picks from our new favorite pop divas.

Kate Bush, Torres, Galore Mag


Galore - Torres - Partisan Records - Sprinter

“Recently I’ve really gotten into Kate Bush. I listened to her a bit in college but I was a casual listener. More recently, when I was recording, my producer gave me the run-down. There’s so much still that’s left for me to discover. I’m trying to take it slow so I have her material to discover.”

Meg MyersJEWEL

Galore Mag - Meg Myers - Sorry

“Jewel: Pieces Of You was the first cassette tape I ever had.”

Colleen Green – “THE KIMS”

Colleen Green - Hardly Art - 420 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn - I Want To Grow Up - Photo Credit - Shannon Kurlander

“I say ‘The Kims’: Kim Warnick, Kim Shattuck and Kim Deal. Not necessarily part of the whole riot grrrl movement but those are three badass Kims I am really inspired by. I just love them and their music.”


Galore - Tei Shi - Brooklyn - Verde

“I really love Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry. I really have a deep appreciation for these women who, in their time, did something that was very them and became iconic for that.”

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