Why detox teas can make birth control ineffective

Have you ever noticed that so many people who “accidentally” get pregnant swear they were on birth control?

It could be because people assume they’re good to go and get careless. It could be a bald-faced lie. Or it could be because they don’t realize there are tons of things that can reverse birth control.

Generally, things that reverse birth control are medications, but turns out there’s a non-prescription product that could be f-ing up your pill’s effects.

Yep, it’s detox tea.

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You’ve probably heard that a lot of detox teas are low-key laxatives. And it’s this characteristic that could possibly be the reason why someone’s birth control wouldn’t work.

Basically, if the detox tea “works” on you within a few hours of you taking your birth control, there’s a chance your birth control could be swept out along with the other shit (literally) and not be absorbed properly, according to Dr. Virginia Beckett, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, who spoke to The Sun.

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But the thing is, this isn’t something the detox tea companies are necessarily trying to hide from users.

The Sun noted that teatox brands Bootea and Flat Tummy Tea both note on their website that using their teas may reduce the effects of medications. The only thing is, who really reads the fine print? Probably not the kind of person who buys detox teas, that’s for sure.

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If you’re on the pill but can’t be pried away from your Teami, you could try taking your pill at a time that won’t conflict with whenever you’re feeling the effects of the tea. But you should probably just talk to your doctor (who will probably advise against detox teas completely) or just wrap it up.

H/T: The Sun

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