How to celebrate Father’s Day if you don’t have a close paternal figure

In case no one’s told you (I know that no one tells me and the only way I remember is by seeing cards on display at Duane Reade) (also, sometimes I go on tangents so long I forget what I was initially talking about).

Oh, that’s right. It’s Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours, including but not limited to: uncles, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, and whoever I’m still leaving out.

It’s an awesome holiday that’s well-deserved: the job of being a father isn’t an easy one (like on the one hand, it is, but of course in some ways it isn’t). Regardless, it’s just nice to have a day of appreciation to acknowledge your dad.

And, of course, the day is really just for paternal figures in general, or really anyone you may look up to in that way. It’s important to thank them for being around and let them know you value their support.

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But, if you don’t have someone you consider to be a close paternal figure, each happy post by a friend or celebrity declaring their love for their dad may be a bittersweet reminder of something you may feel you’re lacking in your life.

Regardless of all of that, you can take Father’s Day and make it a day to consider all the people who made you who you are today. That includes friends, family, pets, idols, and of course: yourself. Read on to find out how to make Father’s Day the best day ever, regardless of your situation.

1. Plan a really fun friend-date

As cliche of an aphorism as this is, friends are in fact the family we choose. Call it Summer, but all I’ve been doing as of late is hanging out with my friends in the park and eating cookies, usually at the same time.

No matter what day it is, surrounding yourself with people who make you smile and laugh and feel good is always a good idea. But today is an especially nice day to surround yourself with some friends and remind one another of how much you appreciate each other.

2. Take yourself out to dinner

If you don’t have dinner plans with anyone in particular tonight but still feel like going out, utilize this opportunity to dress up and head out to your favorite restaurant.

The one where the people that work there know what you’re going to order but they have to pretend like they don’t and you also know what you’re going to order but still have to pretend to deliberate while reading the menu. Go to your go-to, get your favorite food, and enjoy your own company. It’s literally the best thing.

3. Hit the gym


Maybe one day I’ll take my own advice. Until that day comes, I assume all hypocrisy.

That being said, whenever I do take the time to workout, I never regret it. Exercise obviously makes you feel good in all sorts of ways: not only do you feel super productive and proud of yourself, the resulting endorphins will help lighten your mood no matter what. Plus, it’s nice to make the conscious effort to care for yourself and invest in your health.

Again, much easier said than done, and again, I need to take my own advice. But even if you’re not a track star running 5Ks on the treadmill and you literally just go to the gym to chill, edit selfies or read a book while walking, it’s the sentiment that counts.

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4. Get a facial

I’ve never actually gotten a facial but celebrities endorse the hell out of them and for that reason I assume them to be the shit (I love critical thinking).

Even if you don’t feel like going out to a spa and making reservations and all that jazz (there does seem to be quite a bit of ‘jazz’ surrounding the facial) just cop one of those $6 jawns from Sephora, draw your bath and call it a day.

6. Sleep in and watch your Netflix vice of choice

Netflix is the ultimate form of escapism: and if you’re tired of thinking about your own life problems? Why not assume someone else’s by proxy? For this particular purpose, I strongly suggest “Shameless.”

7. FaceTime your favorite uncle


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We all have that uncle that we “wish was our dad” kind of jokingly but also don’t because then he couldn’t be our uncle (you know what I mean? Do you?).

Give him a call and let you know you’re thinking of him! Uncles are always great, and somehow always know what to say. Even if it’s only a 5 minute “hey what’s up hello,” it always feels good to hear from your favorite relatives.

Happy Father’s Day: and don’t forget to love and care for yourself in the same way your loved ones do.

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