FW 2015 Trend to Watch: Jumpsuits


I love jumpsuits. I L-O-V-E jumpsuits. I understand that most people’s personal reference of a jumpsuit is the Ghostbusters outfit, but I’d be happy wearing a jumpsuit every day. My personal favorite is a slouchy denim variety, but check out these pantsuits from Fashion Week 2015 that have me running to my local mechanics to raid their closet.

1. This Emilio Pucci piece is hard to judge, because Alessandra Ambrosio looks hot in literally anything, but I still think the velvet jumpsuit might be a good move. You don’t have to include whatever is surrounding her throat.


2. Is this a jumpsuit? Or just a groutfit? (Grey Outfit, FYI). Either way, Isabel Marant’s top-to-bottom grey, belted, looks hot AF.


3. I keep reading on the internet that everybody thinks this jumpsuit looks painful to wear. Does it? It doesn’t look that painful to me. Either way, I cosign Kelly’s plunging neckline, that’s definitely what’s up.


4. The Dior jumpsuit that no man would ever find me attractive in, yet I adore anyway. 


5. This outfit isn’t from this fashion week, but I wanted to give K-Stew a shout out, because I’m always so proud of her when she’s not wearing Converse with a dress. And she actually looks good! Jumpsuits look good on everyone! Yay!


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