Fashion Forecast ’14: 10 Trends For 2014

In the history of fashion, everything comes that goes around, comes back around once in a generation. From the shoulder pads of the 80’s to the fringe of the Flappers, every trend has managed to inspire the designers of the present days. Some trends are as fleeting as the seasons which herald them while others have managed to shock us by having staying power ( Ugg boots?). This year there are a few trends that we really hope are here to stay. Here are the ten trends that we hope make it into 2014.

1. Leather Jackets: Leather really made a comeback this year what with the whole punk rock trend heralded by the Met exhibit. The truth is, there is not much that can’t be made ten times hotter by a good quality leather. Whether it be Balmain or Balenciaga, we really hope that the leather jacket isn’t ousted for another round of jean jackets, agreed?


2. Crop Tops: If they are worn right, they can be downright sexy! Don’t rock it in the 90’s Britney Spears fashion and you are all set. Just a sliver of tummy above a high waisted skirt is all you need to be the center of attention. Here is to another year of tasteful crop tops.


3. Colored Hair: Chloe Norgard was in the right when she started dying her hair the colors of the rainbow. I for one am not ready to get rid of my purple tips just yet. Colored hair can turn even the dullest dud into a mysterious pixie and that is reason enough for another go round in 2014.


4. Fishnets: Not just for High street hookers anymore! I have been a fan of the sexy, skin bearing tights since before I realized what a prostitute was expected to do with, and without the tights. Hopefully Wolford and Hue will see fit to keep fishnets on their high seller lists.


5. Rock Music: This season was all about rock chicks. People started listening to the Clash and the Cure and although it was mostly a badwagon thing, it was heart warming to see such quality bands making a come back in popularity. Hopefully the classic rock trend will have some staying power for the next couple of years.


6. Band T shirts: Finally, a chance to dig through your father’s old shirt drawer, take a pair of scissors to the sleeves and create a sexy bad girl tee worthy of late nights in Lower East Side dive bars! Whether you bought them full price at Urban Outfitters or simply stole from your parents, the rocker tee look was a hot trend of 2013 and absolutely worthy of continuing into 2014.


7. Polaroids: Skins anyone? Polaroid cameras made a comeback this year and what with their vintage quality and ability to make even the most mundane look sensuous, it looks like these throwbacks may have gained enough popularity to create staying power, agreed?


8. Record Players: The smokey sound, the romantic appeal, the feeling that you have ventured into another time and place. There is much that makes record players preferable to your everyday Beats Pill and Itunes track. Will they be just another Urban Outfitters Christmas knick knack or will they be around for yet another 40 years? Only time will tell.


9. Black Lipstick: Yu don’t have to be a goth girl to love the black lip trend! They can make almost anyone look just a little bit naughty and slightly intimidating. And that is something we girls love. Make Up Forever, please keep the black lipstick in your Spring 2014 line!


10. The Badass trend: 2013 was all about Punk Rock, take not prisoners badassery! It was a year of empowerment and courage. A year to do what you would normally be too afraid to do. This is a trend that needs to stay next year, and every year after.


Written By: Amanda Lang

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