Fashion Experts Say This 1 Bag Style Will Destroy Your Outfit

Bags are tough. You want to splurge on a good one because it’s something you could use almost every day. But what if you drop a third of your rent on one, only to realize three months later that it’s tragically out of date and you look like a total dweeb?

If you love the bag so much you don’t give a flying rat’s ass, good for you. But if you quiver at the thought of looking *gasp* so last year, here’s a little tip.

Don’t buy a hobo bag.

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You remember hobo bags, right? They have a medium strap and a slouchy quality in the body. They used to have a chic, devil-may-care vibe to them, but now every history teacher in America has one.


Well, after a reign of terror that I’m pretty sure was started by Sienna Miller, Rachel Zoe, and the boho chic craze of 2007, this shapeless sack is finally becoming less popular.

Sales are positively dwindling, according to the retail analytics company (a.k.a. people who get paid to lurk on what other people are buying) Edited.

One of their senior analysts, Katie Smith, told Who What Wear that hobo bags have sadly gone the way of the Obama presidency. They gone. People just aren’t buying them anymore!

Translation: wearing one will make you look totally passé, no matter how cool the rest of your ‘fit is.

What are people buying instead? Micro-mini bags, according to Katie.

There’s a lot you could read into this. Maybe we’re all downsizing because in Trump’s America, women aren’t supposed to carry around things like tampons and birth control wheels and lipstick and foundation and books — we’re just supposed to be perfect plastic Barbie dolls who don’t require any maintenance and therefore can get by with a teensy little bag that only carries lipstick.

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Or maybe we’re all hitting the club to drink our sorrows away, and a micro-mini bag is all we require.

Or maybe we just realized hobo bags are fug. When’s the last time you saw a young Hollywood it girl carrying one, hmmm?

Either way, if you want to look truly au courantNordstrom has some real cuties if you want one, and so does Missguided. Maybe you can give your old hobo bag to your mom?

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