Fashion Designer Cheng-Huai Chuang FW14 Lookbook “Cheng Woman”

New York fashion designer Cheng-Huai Chuang shares with us his amazing FW14 lookbook “Cheng Woman”, take a look and there’s no way one couldn’t imagine strutting around in NY, or any city for that matter, in these dope farms. We caught up with Cheng to talk about inspirations and tips for new designers. Check out his collection below! SONY DSC What inspires you? I’m constantly inspired by women. There are so many different types of them in the world…may they be Marilyn Monroe to Nico from Andy Warhol’s superstar factory…they are all women who are sort of a specific character; they all have a story. For me, I’m inspired by these characters to create garments…for my own character, which is the “Cheng Woman.” How would you describe this collection? This collection is inspired by an 80s “Cheng Woman” who enjoys listening to Billy Idol and Boy George. She loves fashion, but not necessarily into all the glitz and glam. She’s edgy and still fashion forward, very Lower East Side and she’s going out to either a concert or just dressing up, because that’s who she is. She’s just being herself! Favorite designer of all time? I used to have a couple favorite designers, but if I have to name one, I would say Jean Paul Gaultier. What are you listening to at the moment? I’m currently listening to Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once. But Rupaul’s new album, “Born Naked” is constantly playing as well. (And giving me life!) If you could design a piece for anyone who would it be? Ayumi Hamasaki. Hands down. She’s been my idol since I was very young. I would love to be able to dress her because she’s a huge Asian icon and such a big character. She inspires the “Cheng Woman” a lot. She would look perfect in every single one of my pieces! What was the first item you designed? I’ve been sketching and designing since I was very little. And of course, like many other designers when they were young, I used my sister’s barbies as mannequins and dressed them with toilet paper! I also made simple garments for my friends back in the 8th grade by stapling and gluing fabrics together. And then I eventually learned how to sew and I would say my first actual “garment” was made probably in the 12th grade for some cosplayers. 6 tips for starting your own collection I think you really need to have passion, taste, uniqueness, determination, strong point of view and…money (for school and making your own collection!) It’s so hard to survive in the fashion industry being a young fresh designer because there are so many designers out there. I think you really need to have the drive for it and also a good taste level in order to stand out. And of course, quality is key as well because you may have a good design but if the fabric is not the best quality then it won’t translate as well. (6) chengfal2014 0007 (8) chengfal2014 0674 (7) chengfal2014 0585 (2) chengfal2014 0267 (4) chengfal2014 0412 (5) chengfal2014 0463 (1) chengfal2014 0250

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