Farewell 2013: The Top 10 Moments Of 2013

We made it boys and girls. Another fabulous year full of luscious nights and lazy days ( well not so lazy for us city folk). Quite a bit has happened this year, so it is hard to pick just ten, but some times the most important tasks are those we are wont to accomplish ( finals, natch). For your viewing pleasure, here is a list of the top ten best moments of 2013, in Gif form. Enjoy kittens.

1. Miley Twerked: Some loved it, some hated it, but everyone talked about it. If you can’t admit that Miley’s nearly naked booty shaking was the most exciting moment of the VMAs then you are lying to yourself. After all, she was almost named Time person of the year. Coincidence?


2. Jennifer Lawrence falls: As if we didn’t already know that J.Law was the mist down to earth Oscar winner in history. Her public fall may have done more for her image then a solid gold award ever could! Here’s to another year of Jennifer Lawrence’s innocent awkwardness.


3. Angelina Joilie gets a mastectomy: The most beautiful woman in the world became one of the most inspirational that day. Choosing her life over her looks should seem like a no brainer but in today’s vanity obsessed society, for America’s number one sex symbol to make this decision is extraordinarily inspirational.


4. Gay marriage legalized in 16 states: It isn’t all fifty, not even half way there. But for a nation where homosexuality was once looked upon as the cause of everything from disease to the devil, 16 is nothing to be sneezed at. And more states are being added to this number each year. 2014 is looking ever more hopeful.

A newly wed couple kisses in their wedding dresses during the gay pride parade in Toronto

5. Weed legalized in Colorado: Not only was weed made legal in Colorado but it is officially medically legal in Massachussetts as well. This is progress that the left wingers never saw coming and that the right wingers once had nightmares about. Whether it is a dream or a nightmare, it has finally come true.


6. Unemployment Down: Obama managed to prove himself this year when unemployment reached the lowest percentage it has been since before Bush took office. The economy is not yet where it needs to be, but it is trending in the right direction.


7. Joan Smalls cover: Joan Smalls, the top model of 2013 also became one of the few black models to grace the cover of the high fashion glossy. Smalls opened up to the magazine about the dearth of opportunities given to women of color in the fashion world. If anyone is going to bring change to the table it will be this lovely young lady.


8. Punk Met Gala: The world of the disaffected, yet uniquely fashionable youths of the 80’s became the inspiration for many young celebrity, designer and fashion model at the 2013 Met gala. Though some met the challenge with poise and style and others dressed as if Punk were a synonym for an excess of black eyeliner, this year’s theme made for one of the most exciting Met galas in recent history.


9. Adriana for Victoria’s Secret: Candice’s fantasy bra flopped, the entertainment was spotty and Pink was a mess but leave it to Queen Adriana to save the show with her opening for Parisian Nights. Over 30, a mother and the longest running Angel of the bunch, Miss. Lima proved that after all of this years, she is not even close to running out of steam.


10. Beyonce’s secret album drop: No publicity, no subway ads, no warning and yet her album has sold over 400,000 copies since it was dropped overnight, taking the music industry by storm. A perfect way to end the year.


Written By: Amanda Lang

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