Fantasy Females: 6 Of The Sexiest Cartoons To Ever Grace The Screen!

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”, breathes the bad gal red head of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame as she entices the very human, very non- cartoon detective Eddie Valiant into doing her bidding. This is the truth about animation, you can draw a character in whatever form you want. You can create them to be as cute, as cunning or as overwhelmingly hot as you want them to be! And there have been some cartoons who are undoubtedly hot. Here are 6 of the hottest cartoon females in history.

1. Catwoman: Isn’t Catwoman hot in any incarnation? Even in the camp children’s Batman series though she was a sex symbol. With her black bodysuit and whip? Batman’s famous hyper- intelligence weren’t going to do him any good this time, odds are he wasn’t doing much thinking with his brain when this babe was around.
2. Daphne: Somebody tell me how Daphne was supposed to defend herself against monsters in that short little skirt? Oh that’s right, she couldn’t, hence her damsel in distress role in every single episode! Oh well, at least she looked hot. The perfect match for blonde mimbo Fred and every pre adolescent boy who watched this show!

3&4.  Betty & Veronica: These two had to go under the same heading because honestly? When were they ever apart! Two girls and one guy, AKA every male fantasy ever was represented in this comic! There was the sultry brunette and the classic blonde, and even when they were in turtlenecks and scarves, they rocked their hotness as well as any flesh and blood human.
5. Betty Boop: The original seductress! In black and white or full on color, her strapless minidress, garter and beauty mark were straight sex! Created in the 1930’s depression era as a reminder of the more carefree days of  the 1920’s jazz age, even the original cartoon was supposedly subtly sexy! One to add to the Netflix queue perhaps?
6. Jessica Rabbit: Sexy, conniving, independent! This chick had it all. And best of all, she was forever faithful to her husband Roger. With her impossible breasts and wasp waist, she is everything impossible that a hot woman is imagined to be. What makes her enviable and not hateable? The fact that she didn’t even need to sacrifice her brain! Well, maybe we hate her a little bit…

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