Fantastic 4: A Look Back At 4 Of People’s Sexiest Man Of The Year

It’s official, the man to drool over for 2013 is Adam Levine. And you know what? It’s true! He has everything: rugged good looks, tattoos all over, a slew of romantic ballads, and a Casanova reputation. He is the ultimate bad boy gone good, assuming his engagement to Behati lasts. The 2013 generation loves the bad boy, just ask any vampire freak or Jonathan Rhys Meyers fanatic (good luck on your substance abuse recovery Jonny!) It does make one wonder,  what were the male qualities that we valued in past years? And how did they translate to the “sexiest” men of those eras? We took a look back at the four sexiest men from four different years to figure it out.

1. Adam Levine 2013: As I said, this year, it is all about the bad boy who will be good for you. As is best represented by known modelizer Adam Levine attempting to settle down with Behati Prinsloo. It is why everyone went gaga for Edward Cullen. The reformed blood sucker who was so obsessed with the idea of “virginity”.  We hope for Behatti’s sake that Adam doesn’t feel quite the same way.

2. Johnny Depp 2009: The year of the rugged artist. Johnny plays up this image fabulously with his shaggy hair and controversial roles. It was the year of Tim Burton at the MOMA and the long haired womanizing duo of 3OH!3 at Warped Tour (remember them?). At this point, everyone either wanted to date a rockstar, or be one. After all, Johnny did prove his singing chops in Sweeney Todd, the serial killing rock star of Fleet Street!

3. Brad Pitt 2000: The year of the pretty boy. This is not meant to insult, Brad Pitt was (and is) gorgeous! Conventionally handsome and clean cut (at least at that point, his now shoulder length hair takes him out of that category), he was the ultimate boy you’d want your mom to meet. The 2000 era was when 10 Things I Hate About You and Dawson’s Creek were in their hey day, making you want the boy next door.  No wonder 2000 was the year he wed to clean cut ( read: boring) Jennifer Aniston. 
4. George Clooney 1997: Year of the silver fox. This was when Richard Gere, Clooney and Hugh Laurie were becoming the resident hotties who we all knew were old enough to be our fathers, but who we crushed on anyways! Clooney as Sexiest Man Alive proved the disturbingly true mantra that you always want to marry someone like your father. Barf.


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