Fans are begging Kim Kardashian to put these things on the KUWTK Christmas special

Earlier today, Kim Kardashian tweeted to her followers asking what would they like to see during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians Christmas special.

One would think it would be a challenge to come up with something new since they have had a Christmas special before. But trust me, the fans did not dissapoint.

Here are some of the best suggestions:

Yeezus As Santa Claus 

Yeezus can remix Deck The Halls in a red motorcycle jacket and bleach his beard platinum blonde!

 Kylie and Khloe finally confirming if they are pregnant

These confirmations are probably on everybody’s wish list for christmas.

Opening up each other’s sweet gifts

Sigh, nothing like gifts given from the heart amiright?

Kanye and North having a convo.

These two have the same no-nonsense vibe, so it would actually be super interesting to see the types of conversations they have with each other.

A family cooking segment

This family loves to eat, and I know that they have their own cooking tricks to teach so they need to drop their techniques to their fans.

The whole Kardashian clan giving back to the needy

Some people know the Kardashians for giving back to endless charities. Some people don’t. However, it would be a change of pace to actually see them helping the less fortunate instead of shading each other on their couches.

Kris’s how-to for decorating your house for Christmas

Kris’s house literally looks like a real life Christmas story during the winter season. It’s only fair for her to share a DIY tutorial for her loyal fans.

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