Fanny Cohen Wants To Fuck Your Instagram

Is it time to break up with Instagram? Fanny Cohen’s short video explores her own complicated relationship with the social media platform. Like many 18-year-old girls growing up in New York City (or elsewhere), Instagram has played a huge part in the way Fanny’s learned to criticize herself.

“Do you like the version of yourself on Instagram better than real life?” I asked her.

“No. I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t fully understand my relationship to Instagram yet, but we definitely feel things towards our profiles and other people’s profiles, and that’s like a new kind of relationship to figure out.”

Here’s my self portrait dedicated to British pple #fannyrose #bruv

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In between images of women recorded on camera, recording themselves on camera, recording women already recorded on camera (Betty Page sashays around a YouTube frame for a Seeds music video that also serves as the soundtrack), glimpses of painted artwork can be spotted throughout. She seems to ask, what is actually beautiful? While she scrolls through her own Instagram, filming as she throws mindless “likes” to any and all images of herself, you can see that the pictures she posts are beautiful also.  Maybe it’s not time to break up with Instagram. Maybe that’s not even the point.

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