Fall Fails: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Stop Doing Just Because Summer Is Over

Every year, after we’ve accepted that the days of bikinis, short-shorts and cropped t-shirts are over, we break out the Fall knits, and all the various vanities that come along with the heat, are out the window (along with the A/C unit). If this if you (and you know it is), don’t let the impending cold weather turn you into some frumpy, un-groomed, sad sack a la Hannah Horvath from GIRLS. Here are 5 habits you need to bring in to the new season to avoid going from HOT to HUH?!

5. Grooming
Don’t let your nails, toes, and eyebrows go unattended. Keep buffering!

4. Eating well
Eat your veggies! Roasts are amaz, but they’re the devil.

3. Working out
Even if it’s just a few crunches a day, don’t let the yummy season treats let you get flabby underneath your fur..Summer’s not THAT far away!

2. Hygiene
Woman with beauty hairs
Wash your f***ing hair! Wearing a hat every day is no reason to neglect the Pantene

1. Shaving
This is the most important one, ladies. Just because you wear tights everyday does NOT mean that you can stop shaving your legs! I know the extra warmth is nice, but no ones going to f*** you if you’re serving 70’s down there.

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