Get Faith Picozzi’s Low Maintenance Beauty Routine

Meet one of the cutest it-girls ever–Faith Picozzi. Faith is a lady with many interests, something most of our Galore Girls can relate to. This sultry model/actress is so much fun to watch on social media, we decided to ask her some necessary beauty questions. Faith is naturally stunning and doesn’t need much to look good, but she gave us her low maintenance skincare tips that every girl can easily start implementing into their own routine. Check it out, below!

Galore Mag Faith Picozzi

Tips for girls considering bangs before they make the cut? 

I think it’s good to try the clip on bangs first and really see if it works with your style and face shape! Don’t forget that bangs also require more maintenance and need to be trimmed frequently.

Tell us about your biggest makeup fail

Not wearing sunscreen under my makeup. I ended up getting sunburned-cherry red! After that happened, there hasn’t been a day I go without it!

What’s the one beauty essential you could never live without?

Sunscreen haha.  

How do you keep your skin in mint condition despite foundation/bb creams/cover up clogging your pores? 

I go to a dermatologist and she has me on a certain face wash, toner, and moisturizer/sunscreen personalized for my skin type. It’s important to always wash your face every morning/night no matter how tired you are 😓

How do you do a day to night makeup look just with stuff you can keep in your purse? 

I usually just add a darker lip color, I love red! Re-apply mascara if needed and then add a touch of eye shadow, I really like the Chanel palettes. Maybe even a cat eye depending on what I’m wearing, I use a liquid eye liner.

How do you achieve the perfect smokey eye? 

I rarely use black, I love bronze and brown colors. It looks more natural and brings out the color of my eyes (green).

What products help your hair stay healthy?

I always use leave in conditioner, heat protector and Moroccan Oil, but just on my ends!

Do you contour? What are your tips?

I don’t contour, but I do add a light blush to accentuate my cheek bones.

Galore Mag Faith Picozzi

Galore Mag Faith Picozzi

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