Faith Holland Wants You To Send Her Your Cum Shots…For Art Of Course

While most of us tend to keep what happens between us and our fingers hidden between the folds of a tissue, Faith Holland thinks you should let her in on the secrets of your sexy secretions.  But before you freak out: don’t worry, she’s not going to use them for anything creepy, Holland just wants to use them in her newest art project: Ookie Canvases.


Last Monday Holland posted a request on Rhizome calling for submissions “from any and all genders as long as it’s a fluid emitted as the result of an orgasm.”  Of course, since nothing is simple anymore, there are other stipulations including that the picture should be taken on your camera phone, you have to cum on flesh, and any unnecessary details (like your face) need to be blurred the f*ck out.

While this opportunity obviously isn’t for everybody, if you’re not camera shy, it’s worth thinking about, if only to add to your repertoire of small talk for your next Tindr date.  Think about it: you only live once, but thanks to Faith Holland, your cum could live forever.  Immortality for the price of a cum shot?  Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

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