Fai, “Love It” Singer, Tells Us What A First Date With Him Might Be Like

Feeling the term #squadgoals? Meet Fai Khadra, brother of Sama and Haya—the Palestinian twins singlehandedly taking over the style-scape of Los Angeles—and boyfriend of model and party-goer Devon Windsor. Rather than focusing on partying with said squad, however, Fai has been working hard on his upcoming EP. Aside from “Love It,” a single with lyrics inspired by his hometown, Malibu and a funky musical element influenced by 70s woodstock sounds, his record is sure to be one of your new warm-weather jams, and this photoshoot might just make him your Fall crush.

Fai - Galore Mag

Galore: Where did your love for music come from? 

Fai: I think from my grandmother, who loved to play music in our house and would play me so many different types of records. She has a great voice actually. 

Who are your musical influences? 

F: So many genres and artists inspire me, but Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, Sade, and Bob Marley are definitely at the top of the list. 

Tell us about the EP and when you plan to release the record! 

F: I am working on a very exciting concept at the moment and will be releasing a lot of new music and visuals very soon. I have this concept for the way I want to roll out my songs, which I am really excited about. 

Your sisters Sama and Haya are such fashionistas. Do you love fashion as much as they do? Who is your favorite designer at the moment?   

F: My mom and sisters are both in fashion, so I grew up around it. I personally like mixing high-end clothes with something “low,” like a distressed jean or worn-in shoes. I like Hedi Slimane’s aesthetic a lot.  

Who would you want to duet with?  

F: Probably Nina Simone. 

Has your girlfriend Devon Windsor inspired any songs on the upcoming album?   

F: Yes, she has. I think my relationship naturally spills into my music because I like to write about real situations and experiences. 

What’s a first date with Fai like? 

F: Hopefully really fun, adventurous, and funny! 

Photography + Creative Direction by Prince + Jacob

Styling by Kyle Edward Blackmon

Grooming by Brooke Hill

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