FAI’s New Music Video Has Us Drooling


Fai just released the video for his new song, “I Love It” and we love it—if you haven’t heard it already, check it out below, and let us know what you think of our new crush. Think you might have heard his name somewhere before? Fai is best friends with Gigi Hadid, and has now featured Zac Efron’s girlfriend Sami Miró in the new music vid. We caught up with the rising star to talk Tinder, Fashion and his process of writing this jam.

That green bomber jacket in the video looks very good on you. Where’d you get it? What’s your favorite piece of clothing these days?

Thank you! I didn’t want the video to be over-styled. I kept the styling true to the way I dress everyday. The green bomber is a reversible Givenchy jacket. My favorite piece of clothing is my Saint Laurent black jeans, I probably couldn’t live without them.

Tell us about the process of writing this song, please.

I was driving down PCH, and I couldn’t find a feel-good song to play that reflected the scene I was in. So I went in the studio, with one of my favorite producers, Tommy Brown, and wrote it with another one of my favorite people to work with Victoria Monet. “Love It” was written pretty quickly and recorded in one session, I usually like to go back and re-record demos but this one felt so good and honest that I didn’t change any of the vocals from the demo.

Have you ever met someone online? How do you feel about Tinder?

I’ve never used Tinder, or any e-harmony type websites. I guess I’m a little old fashioned in that sense, and maybe a little bit of a hopeless romantic. I definitely prefer real life interactions.

Who was your favorite musician growing up?

That’s a really hard question because I’m inspired by so many musicians and artists across genres Michael Jackson is a huge influence, of course. Also, I love Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, and Prince.

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