The 7 Hot Guys You Will Eye-F*** On The Subway

In a New York rom-com starring Channing Tatum, love happens on the subway. Maybe your hands accidentally grazed each others while hanging on for dear life to the only pole available. Maybe you dropped your birth control packet and he picked it up and ran after you to return it?

Unfortunately, once you actually move to New York you realize that life isn’t a fairy-tale, and the subway is far from romantic. In fact, much of your time on there is spent either dreading work, using all your willpower to not hit the little kid who keeps bumping into your leg, or turning up your headphones to drown out the lady rapping about being homeless.

However, you can’t deny that there are some major hotties riding the subway with you every day…


1. The Construction Worker

Okay, okay. You know construction workers are supposed to be creepy. Maybe he’s not a construction worker.. maybe he’s a painter or a landscaper? Okay, fine, he’s probably a construction worker. But damn… something about that beard and those paint-stained jeans make you think about getting rough with him in a field somewhere..

2. The Gym-Goer

Once you get over imagining how much it must suck to have to ride the subway to your gym, you start noticing those toned calves across from yours in the train. You quickly work your eyes up the rest of him until you realize he’s smiling at you. Oh shit… you’ve been caught staring. The rest of your ride will consist of both of you staring/smiling at each other on and off. Of course, he’ll never actually talk to you… *sigh*


3. The DILF

Ugh, what is it about guys with kids? Make that *hot guys with kids. For the first time in your life, you’re actually not annoyed when the kid next to you keeps poking your thigh fat, because his dad is a Bradley Cooper dopple-ganger. Maybe you should ask him if he needs a babysitter? We all know you could use the extra money to pay for your studio.. and isn’t babysitter porn the new thing?

4. The Too Close for Comfort

You’re pretty sure a hot guy just sat down next to you, but you can’t really tell. It’s a lot easier to check out guys when they’re sitting across from you, or down the train. While you’re a pro eye-f***er, you haven’t quite figured out how to sneakily get a full-frontal view of the dude to your left. You can always check him out when he gets off before you, but by then it’ll be too late. Missed connections perhaps?

5. The Jailbait

Damn, look at those baby blues under that baseball cap. Wait… did he just pull out an assignment notebook? Ugh, you’re definitely getting too old for this shit…


6. The Gang Bang

I guess I actually look decent today.. because I’m pretty sure all four of those guys are checking me out…

7. The Fail

Oh. My. God. Prince Charming just walked in.. look at that Diesel T-shirt.. and that butt! Oh wait..look at his boyfriend grabbing that butt.. *sigh*

8. The Reader

Okay, the fact that this dude is reading just make him 100 times sexier… but can he just look up from his book for two seconds to realize that I have the perfect “f*** me” pout directed right at him?!


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