548,000 Calories? That’s One Extravagant Easter Bunny

If you’re in a panic over what to get the girl who has everything this Easter, then chill the f*ck out – we got this.  The gift for opulent bishes this Sunday is The World’s Most Extravagant Easter Bunny.


Selling exclusively on Very First To, an online luxury goods retailer, The World’s Most Extravagent Easter Bunny is 11 pounds and 548,000 calories of 75% Tanzania Origin chocolatey goodness.


Whether you’re planning on serving this bunny as the centerpiece for your annual Easter rager, or just having a chocolate party of one, don’t worry: so long as things don’t get too hot in your kitchen, this bunny has a shelf life of two years.


To make matters even more exciting, take a closer look at the rabbit’s eyes. No that’s not just the rabbit’s sparkling personality, it’s two 1.07 carat solitaire diamonds.  After you finish your nomming, you’re invited to get your diamonds, which BTWS are valued at over $37,320.00, “set into a bespoke piece of jewelry (such as earrings) free of charge,” courtesy of 77 Diamonds.


Yes, all of this can be yours for a mere $49,000.00.


But don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten your tax return yet, or haven’t had the best couple of years financially, you can purchase this bunny with lower cost gems as well.


So what are you waiting for?  Buy your very own baller bunny here, and get ready to make some very lucky lady’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert for the next couple of months.

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