Exclusive Online Editorial: Office Play By Rachel Roze

Photographer Rachel Roze relentlessly keeps things sexy and her new exclusive editorial doe snot miss the mark. Using the office as setting she’s taken some rather hot snaps for us, along with her 6 tips on how to keep the workplace more interesting WINK. Obvs not guaranteed to work but we dare you to give them a go and tell us how it went.


1. Masturbate

2. Where something kinky underneath work clothes (but not this maid outfit because that’s a little confusing)

3. During work break text someone you like a raunchy picture of yourself or of something raunchy you like.

4. Play a prank on one of your co-workers like removing their keyboard from their computer and watch them freak out that it disappeared.

5. Play truth or dare with your co-workers during lunch break.

6. Masturbate again lol

“Office Play” by Rachel Roze

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Photos by Rachel Roze
Model: Misfit Marti
Make-up: Keira Medrano

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