Exclusive Online Editorial: Photographer Rachel Roze’s Varsity Blues

One of our new fave photographer Rachel Roze shared with us her awesome shoot with erotic illustrator Natalie Krim, and spoke to us about how she defines her photography and advice for new photographers. Take a look!
How did you get into photography?
It’s a combination of so many things. I was always drawn to the visual arts since I was a child, nothing excited me more. I started off as a film student at a photography based college and ended up switching my studies to visual communication but I think it was my move to attend that school that really set in how important photography meant to me. I was coming from my home in long island New York to Ojai California and the feeling of being in a new world is where I really began to realize how important having a camera on me at all times meant to me…I feel like life as it happens is just like a painting …its just a matter of capturing it right.
How would you describe the kind of photography you do?
Its such a hard question for me because my photography can jump from one extreme to the other. My first solo show exhibit showcased my “We Were In Sicily” photographs which was a documentation of the experience I had with Natalie Krim in a 40 day trip in Sicily. Those photos consisted of men in a meat market to the inside of churches to female nudes to children playing in the streets….I think my photography will always be like this. I am just as interested in taking pictures of strangers I meet on the street, to real life experiences to more planned out stylized pictures of men and women.
Do you have any current exhibits and what’s coming up for you?
I just wrapped up two group shows this past month,  One was in Miami Art Basel and the other in New York City with more shows to come.
I also want to be working on more art related projects as well as video.
What advice would give to photographers who want to do a similar style as you?
I would try hardest to make work that you yourself wants to see instead of an objective of making work for what you think others want to see.
I think that helps set your personal style.

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