Exclusive Online Editorial: Jennifer Akerman At The Gym

Swedish filmmakers Johannes Helje and Clara Nova have made, exclusively for Galore, their beautifully sensual video of the ever so gorgeous Jennifer Akerman. Accompanied by the debut of this video, they also took some flawless photographs of Jennifer to share with Galore. We caught up with Johannes and Clara, and asked them a few questions about what inspired them, choosing the gym as a setting, and if Jennifer lifts weights. Take a look at the video, interview and photographs below.


Where are you guys from?
We’re both from Stockholm Sweden

Have you made other short videos like this?
We’ve made a bunch of short videos but the subject have been more like booze and music, now we’re moving on to women.

What was the motivation behind making this?
Sometimes its nice to take a breather from all the client-based-work and just do whatever, even though it doesent make any sense at all. And also, Jen is always a great motivation.

How did you come up with the idea to shoot Jennifer Akerman at the gym?
We asked ourselves, how can we get Jen into a tight outfit and make her sweat…

Why do you think a gym setting is a good way to demonstrate a woman’s sex appeal? 
Flexing. sweating. spandex. pumping. moaning. groaning. grinding. squatting.

Did Jennifer get round to lifting any weights?
What happened at the gym stays at the gym

We love her Budweiser onesie, where can we get one?
This lil vintage piece of art is Claras own, 25 bucks from Search and Destroy in New York.

What is the song playing in the video?
Thee Oh Sees – Toe Cutter Thumb Buster 
Thank you, Jizza Dizza!

Do you have anything else coming up?
Always. We have bunch of stuff coming out this spring and a hand full of project in limbo.







Credits for Publication:

Photographer / DOP  Johannes Helje
Director Clara Nova
Model Jennifer Åkerman

Stylist Natalie Olenheim
Hair & make up Sarah Grundén
Set designer Oscar Gelinder

Editor Stefan Ström
Sound Design Box of Toys Audio
Laboratory and Scanning STOP
Postproduction Oskar Larsson

Camera Assistant Suriyan Schock
Photographer Assistant Dennis Wernersson
Stylist Assistant Josefine Erfass


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