Exclusive Online Editorial: Getting Intimate With Taylor Lashae

Actress & model Taylor Lashae features in this exclusive online editorial for us. Shot & interviewed by her boyfriend Zachary Chick, makes for a beautifully intimate shoot. Check out what Taylor has to say about her acting career and other random things!


We spend most our waking free time together, which I guess is barely anytime at all. So let’s get this started… but first, What surprise do I get if I can correctly guess these answers before you tell me?
If you get less than 3 right, don’t talk to me. more than 4, though?…anything
you want. <3

Every New Yorker’s sleep schedule is wack. What time do you get
up and go to sleep?

I wake up when you wake up, which is early. 8AM on the dot. As soon as he
gets up and starts walking around, I am up for the day. I swear he sleeps with
his cowboy boots on. And for going to bed; it doesn’t matter if I get 2 hours or 12
hours I always wake up the same time.

Do you have a Beauty Regime?

What’s your favorite make up go-to?
I love that french inspired thick black eyeliner with baby blue lids. If I am not
feeling up to the day ahead of me, it’s my go to F***-YOU-I-LOOK-GOODANYWAY

What is your favorite place to shop in New York?
Brooklyn thrift shops. I could say “I enjoy wearing other peoples stories” but in
all honestly I like old cheap shit.

What’s the…I don’t know…easiest way to explain your style:
I dont know the answer. I change clothes like I do my mind. Maybe a mix
between Anna Karina meets JCrew?

Okay, so you are a Brooklyn girl? What are your favorite places to eat?
Ehhh. I am a Texas girl at heart and Tex-Mex is my shit, unfortunately there is
not one worthy mexican spot in the vicinity of this city so I will go ahead and
say it for me and the rest of the world (regardless if they admit it or not): Taco
Bell. Chipotle if I’m feeling fancy.

What turns you on?
Leather and Velvet. Rainy days and Portishead.

Your newest venture is acting, what brought you to get so suddenly engulfed into it?
It’s all really a funny story. Since, I was 16 I had always worked in modeling
agencies. Starting in Houston, worked my way to NYC to CLICK then to an
Agent at FORD etc. I later took a long break from the industry to travel and
watch whole whole bunch of tv. After catching up on Boardwalk Empire; I
decided I had to be on it. Or at least try to get on that set. I applied to be an
extra just to try it out and next thing I know I’m on set 3 times a week for
several months! I became obsessed with the film industry. The sets, the lights,
the people, the work. I wanted it all. Since I was an agent for models in a
previous life, I marketed myself in the acting world and I literally have not
stopped for a second. I am going where ever the wind takes me. Commercials,
Music Videos, TV Shows and Feature Films… aint doing that bad so far.

Do you have any funny stories from being on set of a sweet period piece series like Boardwalk Empire?
Hahah, well I caught Steve Buscemi trying to take pictures of me so I winked
at him and he got hella nervous and put his phone away. It was all very
dramatic lol.

Speaking of pictures, you are kind of the Queen of Selfies? Got any
advice for the kids back home?

Eat me.

What is your next feature film about? Explain your character.
It’s a horror film about 8 friends who go to a haunted amusement park called “Scarefest” There is a secret murderer that no one knows about until you start
seeing his sick sadistic plan unveil itself throughout the film. My character is the
“in your face” sarcastic bitch who would basically be the girl in a 90’s high
school movie in the bathroom smoking cigarettes and dating all the male
teachers. I am one of the heroines in the film but if you are wondering if I die or
not? I am not allowed to mention anything about it or the director would
actually kill me.

Any other cool experiences from a recent acting gig?
The time I grinded on some blonde chick for 10 hours in the Opening Ceremony
SS ’14 Look book didn’t suck too hard 😉

What other profession would you be interested in doing if not

To be honest. I would love to be an Astro Physicist. I want to know and learn
about the cosmos and black holes and dark matter and nebulas and etc.
Something about space has always HAD me. I grew up right next to NASA and
all my friend’s parents were astronauts and scientists and nothing fascinated
me more. Plus, every time Carl Sagan has said anything, ever. Your mind
simply explodes into a million little molecules of dust. I want to have that! The
profession that constantly makes minds f***ing explode.

So, you are a bit more exposed than usual in the pics we did for Galore.. Do you think your mom is gonna be mad at you?

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH



Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH



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