[EXCLUSIVE] Louise Chantal Channels Marilyn Monroe In The Premiere Of ‘CalNeva’

It’s a common misconception that the more beautiful you are, the more immune to heartbreak you become.  In the new music video for her heartbreakingly sensual single ‘CalNeva’, NY-based RnB songstress Louise Chantal challenges this misconception by breathing life into history’s greatest affair. 

Here’s what Louise Chantal had to say about it:

CalNeva was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and the alleged affair between Monroe and John F. Kennedy. From around 1960 to 1963, Frank Sinatra owned Cal Neva Resort & Casino. Before writing this song, I read about how Sinatra loved to entertain his friends; both of which were Monroe and The Kennedy Family. I was fascinated by that dynamic so I just kept reading more stories about their relationship. Somehow in the midst of reading I created a fantasy in my head and connected that to the emotion that I really wanted to convey through this song. CalNeva is a love letter written by a broken hearted woman, and anyone that has experienced betrayal and disappointment can relate to this story.”


‘CalNeva’ reveals the fragile exterior underneath the flawlessly beautiful women society puts on a pedestal.  Just like Marylyn before her, Louise Chantal may wear a crown, but she bleeds in crimson red.  Get ready to feel all of the things. 

Max Hilva – direction
Louise Chantál – co-direction, creative direction
Courtney Gilbert – choreography, creative direction
Syience – production
All photos cutesy of Louise Chantal.  

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