EXCLUSIVE: Katherine Schwarzenegger Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Katherine Schwarzenegger recently sat down with Galore for an exclusive photo shoot and interview about her book and recent website relaunch. Here’s what we found out.

Meet Katherine, the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenneger and Maria Shriver, minted author of two books, and founder of a lifestyle blog for twenty-something girls.

Descended from America’s unofficial royal family, Katherine says she had a pretty typical upbringing, although she’s definitely inherited her parents’ superhuman work ethic. She finished Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back while still in college, and then felt motivated to continue her mission of encouraging young girls and women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

At the time of our interview, we celebrated Katherine’s birthday, and the relaunch of her blog, katherineschwarzenegger.com.

She spoke of her original interest in a lifestyle blog, saying: “I’m aware of the fact that I don’t know how to do it all, but I want for my blog to be a place where people can come to ask questions, so that I can look for the answers for them. That’s the kind of work that I did for my books, and I want to transition that to my blog for more of a community feel. We’ll show you ways to be fashionable on a budget, how to decorate your first apartment—we’ve got a little bit for everyone.”


The relaunch of the website brings a new, edgier typeface to the front, and a shift in content. You can visit her site for tips to combat winter skin, easy recipes for on the fly, hair how-tos, and reflections on the upcoming new year. Katherine embraces changes in her life, and works hard to keep her passions moving on a professional trajectory. “I come from a family of really hardworking people who get really fired up, and just go after their passions. I got my first job at 14, just because I wanted to be working. I love crazy schedules, lists, and planners. When I was 19, people were so shocked that I was trying to write a book—”

“I would always look to my mom and my dad for advice first—I didn’t grow up in the Hollywood spotlight, and my mom made an effort to give us a normal upbringing, but I felt like they always knew everything.”

While writing, Katherine was also full-time at USC. “I just felt really fired up about body image at the time,” she said. “I grew up dealing with the same things as all other girls, thinking about how I wanted to be skinnier, how I wish my hair looked better…but then I really wanted to do something about it. ”

As the daughter of an iconic bodybuilder and a celebrated journalist, there’s a lot to live up to, but Katherine’s family has always only functioned as her solid support system. Even while struggling with an eating disorder as a young girl, Katherine credits her upbringing for the strength she developed during her recovery.

“I would always look to my mom and my dad for advice first—I didn’t grow up in the Hollywood spotlight, and my mom made an effort to give us a normal upbringing, but I felt like they always knew everything. I also always had older friends,” Katherine said of her time growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. “I just loved being able to get advice from older people. That’s part of why I felt a lifestyle blog would be such a great platform—it’s a way I get to share the girl talk I value so much with so many people.”


“Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?” We agreed that it’s important to be wary of women who claim to only have male friends.

“Oh, I definitely have both,” she laughed, “But all my guy friends are from high school. I’ve known them literally since I was 4, and I think having a guy friends is definitely essential because you can get real advice on guys from them.”

“Do you have a groupchat with your girlfriends?”

“Totally, oh my God—for advice, and gossiping, and even just funny memes. The groupchat is everything.”

I asked for some of her favorite beauty tips from groupchats, her blog, or that she hasn’t shared elsewhere.

“I don’t go in the sun, so I’m ghostly pale. I’m all about argan oil, rose oil, and making a pumpkin mask. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year—but my skin gets so dry, so I do a pumpkin mask. I go crazy with it,” She said, laughing, like a Schwarzenegger, a Shriver, a Kennedy, but mostly just like a girl you might already know, that you might call your best friend. “All my towels are orange, everything is stained orange.”•

Photography by Elias TahanStyling by Alexandra MandelkornMakeup by Liz CastellanosHair by Bobby EliotTMG Photo assistance by Nick Lacy

Look 1: Jumpsuit, House of CB, earrings and ring, Isla Fontaine; Look 2, 3, 4: Dresses by Erin Fetherston; Look 5: Trench coat and shoes by House of CB, body suit by Capulet, pants by Aiisha, ring, Isla Fontaine 

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