Exclusive Kate Nash x Laurel & Hector Photo Shoot

One of our favorite Galore Girls, Kate Nash, teamed up with bright and punchy Australian label, Laurel & Hector, for a photo shoot at her home in Los Angeles. Photographer Paley Fairman captured Kate looking like a pop art superhero in some of Laurel & Hector’s new Spring collection.

This shoot is being released just in time for the first ever public meeting of Kate’s passion project, Girl Gang. A non-exclusive feminist group created by Nash, Girl Gang will be hosting its first ever ‘Girl Gang TV’ event at Sonos studios this Thursday in Los Angeles. In Kate’s words:

“Girl Gang TV is the global invitation to the work of Girl Gang. We are a community of feminist girls / boys / women / men and non binary people, all kinds of combinations! We want to learn, share ideas, inspire and challenge the public and each other. We are searching for the truth and spreading love, joy, skills and self confidence where we can. Girl Gang wants to live more consciously, we want to better ourselves for the good of others and the planet. We will use the arts and creativity to spread our message and encourage others to do so. Our motto is “Make cool shit and change the world”

The Girl Gang TV event will take place on December 18th, 2014 at Sonos Studios on N. La Brea. Doors open at 7.00 pm. If you live in the LA area and would like to attend the event, RSVP to the link here: https://conta.cc/1zXYKje. RSVP does NOT guarantee entry, so make sure to arrive early as they are only allowing the first 120 people in to the event!

Photographer: Paley Fairman @paleyentology
Stylist: Alexandra Mandelkorn @mandelkorn
Hair: Jenelle Oldham @jenelleno5
Makeup: Netsuki @go_netsuki

All Clothing: Laurel & Hector @laurelandhector











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