[EXCLUSIVE] Jared Gelman Premieres ‘Broken’ Just In Time For The Weekend

“Broken”, a new music video released by Jared Gelman, is just as exciting as the endless possibilities of the upcoming weekend—filmed in a monochrome palette, the video focuses mostly on the song itself, which is fun, catchy, and surprisingly different from your average up-and-coming pop star has to offer. The song was written (and produced by Mitchy Millz) over a year ago, and since then, Jared’s cultivated an online following with his unique brand of hip-poppy vocals and electronic beats. Now, Jared’s looking forward to some changes. Of the single, Jared said, “’Broken’ is a great debut because it serves as the midpoint from where my sound was, and where it’s going.”

He went on—”The director, Suni Silvan, is a great friend of mine and we’ve been so excited to finally release this…the process was just so organic and our creative energies just compliment each other so much.”

An awesome bonus of filming this vid? Jared got to collaborate with eyewear designer Stevie Boi. “I’ve been a huge fan of Stevie Boi for years, ever since I’ve seen his beautiful eyewear on Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyonce,” he said. “I was so humbled to have him join us on set and in my video, but even more exciting—I got a great friendship out of the experience!”

 “Broken” is available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify. Check out the video below, and follow Jared on Instagram for more updates. 

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