Exclusive Interview With The Designers Of Maria Ke Fisherman

After viewing their exciting plush dream Fall/Winter 2014 collection we caught up with Maria and Victor, the designers of Maria Ke Fisherman to hear a little about what helped them for inspiration and some news on upcoming features.

There were so many nostalgic pieces in this collection, what were some of your influences this season?
We were thinking in a mixture of Monsters Inc., Parisien couture, Aprés Ski in the seventies and kawaii patisserie.

What music do you like to listen to while you work on a collection.
We love to hear 90s hip hop, wu-tang clan the most.

How long have you worked together? What is the best part of working as a team?
We have been 7 years working and living together since we first met in an afterparty in Madrid. Working as a team provide us two points of view, Maria is more artsy and Im more techie, the result is a mixture of wild styling and mathematically perfect pieces.

What are some of your favorite designers from the past and present?
We love classics like Prada, Chanel and Versace from the past and nineties , Bernard Wilhelm, Balmain and Hood By Air of today, to name a few.

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?
80s Harrisson Ford and Sean Young.

Which piece took the longest to make?
Some handmade crochet pieces take more than 1 month, 8 hours a day to be made!!

Any exciting news we should keep our radar on?
We are just launching our Maria ke Fisherman x Buffalo led light shoes and MkF for Opening Ceremony handmade crochet SS14 collaborations. We love mixing traditional techniques in futuristic ways.

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