Exclusive Interview With Laura Fama & Ashley Jones Of DimePiece

The ladies of Dimepiece have always managed to effortlessly marry the street with the chic; this collection is no exception. By focusing on a sports chic motif, Laura Fama and Ashley Jones have brought a fun collection that you can wear day to night and not break a sweat in.
We caught up with the ladies of Dimepiece and chatted about their latest collection which drops this monday March 17th.

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There were so many nostalgic pieces in this collection, what were some of your influences this season?
LAURA: Yes this season is very DimePiece, fun, hip-hop and pop music nostalgia, sporty, bold, and eye catching. I think our customers can relate to the music that influenced us, I think it helped shape our taste in music, culture, lifestyle, and attitude. Feminine colors like pink, pastel purple, and white are across our simple and casual cuts. Strong text and typefaces that represent the brand, casual wearable gear that represents Los Angeles west coast culture. We added pop references to mix it all up into this seasons ‘DimePiece State of Mind’.
ASHLEY: The influences we pull from are so broad, but mainly it’s nostalgia of things that were fun and bold, and made an impression on us when we are younger. When you see nostalgic prints or design it goes beyond just a fun image, it makes you feel something. Our brand over the past few years has been titled by people as a “lifestyle brand”, I think because we are able to take so much from La culture, nostalgia and the DimePiece femme attitude and translate it to a lifestyle via what we make. All of these are influences that we pull from each season.

What music do you like to listen to while you work on a collection?
LAURA: We listen to everything, mostly a ton of hip hop, trap, R&B, grunge, mixes, trip hop, raggae, and rock. We support a ton of local L.A. female artists & producers that are on the rise. We’re lucky because we feel like our generation is pumping out the most awesome new and experimental music, we’re lucky to be apart of it and share it too! We’re jamming too; Jhene Aiko, Keleka, Toki Monsta, Deap Vally, FKA Twigs, Mapei, denitiaandsene, the internet, Liz Y2k on Mad Decent, Anika on Stones Throw records, Roses Gabor, Little Dragon, Cibo Matto, Kali Uchis, Blood Orange, Inc., Natasha Kmeto, Jai Paul, James Blake, Nicolas Jarr, Flume, Tosca, Jeremih, Miguel, Drizzy, and of course Yonce on repeat!
Listen to our monthly mix! https://soundcloud.com/dimepiecela/sets/dimepiecela-march-2014-mixtape
ASHLEY: Currently listening to Benzi, ‘Girl Traps’ on SoundCloud…and of course, this :

The use of the iconic Killa Cam pink ensemble, what made you decide on that print?
LAURA: The Killa Cam print was designed by our local friend and artist Kristofferson San Pablo, this is a fine art piece he painted a few years back. Camron himself wanted to purchase the actual painting and a bunch of other rappers like Tyler the Creator. The painting got viral on the internet via Tumblr and blogs, which became another iconic rendition of the rapper Cam’Ron in his one-of-a-kind pink mink coat which is a part of hip-hop history. (Currently selling online on the Fancy for $75,000 ) We decided to commission Kristofferson for the art and designed tees, sweaters, decks, Iphone cases, and a sick summer bathing suit. We’re happy the way the merchandise came out, wearable clothing women can actually wear around the city or out and about with their girlfriends.
ASHLEY: Our talented friend and local artist Kristofferson San Pablo originally created the piece; as soon as we saw it we had so many ideas for it. We truly respect his work and he respects ours, so a collaboration was obvious between us. Plus it’s way too dope to just end up on the Tumblr graveyard. We’re so stoked to release a capsule collection of the Killa Cam design, it ranges from bikini’s to skateboards to 60’s mod tunics.

How long have you worked together? What is the best part of working as a team?
LAURA: Shizzz almost 7 years. Ashley and I are like a yin and yang symbol. I just texted her the other day how lucky we are because it’s almost been a decade and we’ve been having the same design goals, business goals, global domination goals, hahah just kidding. But the best part is always working together & brainstorming to want more for the brand and expand globally. But it’s great because where one slacks off they other will pick up & resolve an issue or problem. The best part is being able to create projects and work with your closest friends, nothing is better than that!  Plus we have an amazing team of people… 8 other employees and awesome interns help us get our DimePiece ‘brand vision’ into reality. We’re lucky and always thankful.
ASHLEY: We are complete opposite so we have an amazing balance. I think we have an immense amount of drive between the two of us and are always wanting to create, it’s been like a seven-year project of learning, growing, expanding and killing it 🙂

Who would you love to see wearing your designs?
LAURA & ASHLEY: Yonce everyday.

Any exciting news we should keep our radar on?
LAURA: We are taking our “DimePiece State of Mind” campaign into the desert this season, so deep into the desert that we are conquering our first billboard during the 2014 Coachella festival weekends. We’re hoping to reach 2.4 million viewers, fashionistas, festival goers to see our new campaign. Plus our line is expanding with new merchandise, tech accessories, skate decks, and tons of new items. Hopefully by the end of this year DimePiece flagship retail store will be up and running in Los Angeles area.
ASHLEY: Expansion on a major level!  We’re currently working on between-season capsule injections so our customers can have new DimePiece gear all year round. We’ll also be doing AWESOME giveaways at Coachella this year and unveiling our first billboard right at the exit to the festival. We really want to coin the phrase “DimePiece State of Mind” to our consumer base and promote it as a at positive attitude, and way of thinking and a lifestyle.

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Photos by Brooke Nipar
Model Tereza Kacerova
Stylist Cat Wennekamp

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