Exclusive Interview With Jules Kim On #StussyWomenxJulesKim Collection

One of my favorite NY based Jewelry designers Jules Kim collaborated with Stussy Women’s for a capsule collection that evokes Jamaican flare. The capsule collection which includes a remix of the famous and often imitated Bijules Nail Ring with a lion tail, a walking lioness ring and tank tops all play homage to on Lion of Judah so many Rastafarians and Jamaicans revere. We asked her a few details about the collection, and have a peek at the lookbook shot by Alessandro Simonetti featuring GaloreGirl Nianga of Illuminati AMS!
What influenced your collaboration collection with Stussy? My man, Alessandro Simonetti, has some strong imagery from kingston’s final passa passa dance party. it was so beautiful to me that I wanted to go and experience it myself. Not only the dance but the streets!
What were some of the ideas or feelings you were hoping to evoke with these pieces? My line, Bijules, is an original concept fine jewelry brand. the shapes that have come out of this brand are iconic. I pled allegiance to my original thought and ripped off the “nail ring” and the “gully ring”. it should be fair enough for me to be able to rip myself off for fun with a great, historical street brand like stussy!
What is your favorite piece from the collection? i love the “tail ring”.  it is an almond shaped nail ring with a single diamond on the tip while the infamous stussy logo is engraved on the nail. the tail of the lion, my inspiration from the lion of judah, hangs down the finger tip from the nail ring.
You’ve traveled to Jamaica often, what are some of your favorite places? Jamaica is beautiful. I recommend heading to the Caymanas horse track and betting all your money on spencer chung’s saint cecelia.

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