[Exclusive] British Popstress Lola Coca Premiers Her Cheeky New Single “Bad Girlfriend”

Lola Coca has cheekbones that could cut a bitch, sounds like Lily Allen and Nicki Minaj’s Roman persona got drunk at a party together, and is unapologetic about choosing girl power over being a good girlfriend.  Her lead single “Bad Girlfriend” is playful, sassy and about “avoiding an obligation to give your boyfriend birthday sex.”

“To be honest,” Lola explained to us over e-mail, “I chose this as my leading song because it’s a conversation starter.”  And to be honest, as much as we love Jeremih, we’re not so into the male prerogative of expecting sex whenever and wherever either.  

Wearing her love of 90s ska, hip hop and playful pop on her sleeve, Lola Coca is ready to be the next big name in the girl power cannon.


Lola Coca is such a beautiful name, where did it come from?  Is it a Kinks reference? 

Coca is a play on the slang “white girl” for a particular type of powder that goes near a face, that doesn’t reduce shine.  I have The Kinks song sang at me at least once a day

When did you first become interested in music? 

When I was 6 and I went to watch The Smurfs live (don’t ask!) but I remember them playing a cover of “Oops Upside Your Head” and just feeeeeeling that groove.

Who did you listen to growing up? 

…I’m still growing up.

Fair enough.  Well, what were some songs that stood out to you from your younger days? 

The presence of strong solo females stood out to me a lot: Gwen Stefani, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott, M.I.A…

When did you decide to start focusing all your energy on your music?

When I finished college, I went to music school and improved my craft.  Then life’s obscurities helped me write the rest.


Who’s your favorite designer?

I don’t care too much for designer labels but the glamorous and daring ones stick out to me like Moschino,ean Charles De Castelbajac, Gianni Versace… I need an element of sass and fun.

Yeah labels suck, but if you had to put a label on your music, what would it be?  

“Try it then buy it anyway…”

Do you find it difficult to maintain the balancing act between being emotionally vulnerable as an artist, yet still projecting an overall aura of confidence and power? 

Real confidence to me is accepting your emotional vulnerability, they go hand in hand.

Who do you look up to? 

My mother and her relentless kindness.  My friends and their oceans of inspiration…these are the people I hold in high regard.

What would your dream rider look like? 

There’d be cute kittens, plants everywhere and a 6 foot Brazilian man doing massages and facials.


“Bad Girlfriend” will be available on iTunes & Spotify worldwide this Friday, Dec 4th, but for more Lola Coca feel free to follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or you know just periodically check her website for updates.  

All photos by Isabella Lombardini.  

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