Exclusive: Audrey Kitching Drops Mad Knowledge On Fashion

Audrey Kitching, renowned fashion journalist and blogger, shares with us her what she does (including being Style Editor for Spin Media), her favorite designers and what she’s looking forward to most for NYFW. Audrey be keeping it fresh as per usual, check out what she had to say and her awesome exclusive photos for Galore. Follow her @AudreyKitching


How would describe what you do?
Well, I keep calling myself a life artist because I take part in so many random creative projects that I don’t know if there exists a category where I technically fit into. For one, I’m a Style Editor at Spin Media, where I curate fashion, pop culture, and lifestyle content on a daily basis. I also run a spiritual living jewelry and housewares business called Crystal Cactus, where I sell everything from home-made oil blends to raw quartz crystal bullets. I have been modeling for about 8 years now too, shooting everything from look-books to promotional campaigns and editorials. I’m currently working on a positive inspiration art book, which contains a lot of my paintings and collages. I also have a shoe collection coming out in Italy this spring, multiple fashion design capsule collections in the works, and an apparel line called LUNA launching within a few weeks. See? “Life artist!”
How did you get into it? 
I have been super creative my whole life. My mother is a bit of a hippie so I grew up in a household that embraced the artist lifestyle from a very young age. I used to make my own clothing. My friends were all art or photography majors in school and would use me as their subject for projects and homework. I posted a lot of these photos online (back then it was Livejournal, Friendster and then eventually Myspace). I started to gain a following for my photos and in time brands were reaching out for me to model. From then it slowly snowballed! I was signed with a few different divisions of print agencies when I was young, around 15, but had never done the type of work I would be hired for later, which is pure high fashion magic and fun!
Who are you favorite designers right now?
 I’m really into Ashish, Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, Prada, and Rodarte at the moment.
If you could have worn any dress at the golden globes from sunday whose would it have been?
 It probably would have been a Zac Posen or Tom Ford gown.
Who are you looking forward to seeing at NYFW?
 Peter Som, Jeremy Scott, Rag & Bone, Charlotte Ronson, Timo Weiland, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs are some of my dear favorites each season!
What item can you not live without?
 There are definitely a lot, but I guess it would have to be between my iPhone (the obvious) or huge designer sunglasses. I’m lazy when I’m not working and they are totally the cure for no makeup!
Which celebrities style are you most in awe of right now? 
 I have always loved the Olsen Twins. I can’t get away from it. I’m also really into Alexa Chung, Grimes, and off-duty agency models.

Photographer: Ally Lindsay
Hair: Kim Garduno
Make-up: Dinessa Belli

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