How Singer Alaena Went From Metal to Pop

Everyone’s gone through their awkward fashion phases, but not everyone’s gone through a “metal” phase.

Well, pop singer Alaena has — and truthfully, it seems super badass to be able to say that.

But just as we all wanna leave any of our fashion mis-steps in the past, Alaena is ready to forget that lost metal girl in both fashion and sound.

“I look back at photos and just face palm. Why am I wearing a black corset with fingerless gloves, a studded belt worn sideways and a pleated skirt? That girl can stay in the past please,” Alaena says.

As she embraces her newfound pop sound, she also realizes that being a typical cookie-cutter pop girl isn’t her vibe either. Which thank God, because I’m not sure the world could handle another Taylor Swift.

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Despite the hate mail she gets from some of her former metal fans, Alaena is becoming her own version of “pop,” and she’s inviting all of the weirdos to join her with her new song, “Loser.” The video is a cool experimental depiction of Alaena “recruiting” all the so-called Losers to join her and simply be themselves. To which we say “Go girl” to Alaena and “Boy bye” to those haters.

But why the sudden change from Metal to pop, you ask? Alaena says it just wasn’t doing it for her.

Which is like, so fine because pop Alaena is pretty badass — and being yourself is the shit.

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