Evolution of the Naked Dress

What makes an everyday celebrity into a star? Is it beauty? Talent? Sex appeal? Or a star making red carpet dress that combines all three of those things? According to Rihanna, it is the fourth option. In truth, RIhanna could not have picked a better dress to accept her fashion icon award at the CFDA’s this year. It was an iconic outfit even by Rihanna standards. But the bad gal wasn’t the first to rock an iconic naked dress that would go down in infamy, here are a few of her predecessors.

Marilyn Monroe
The blonde bombshell originated the concept of the sort of dress that makes you wonder if you are seeing something you shouldn’t. Her practically nipple bearing costume in the sensual 60’s movie Some Like it Hot and her skintight white gown which she worse to serenade President Kennedy are the most notable examples.elle-08-naked-dress-lgn

Kate Moss
If there is an iconic look to be worn, you know that Kate is going to be the one wearing it. In fact, this lingerie like dress may be even more scandalous than Rihanna’s. Leave it to Kate to one up even the best of us. Kate and Naomi, Look of the Year 1993

Rose McGowan
Debuting a goth version of the naked dress at the 1998 MTV VMA’s with her then boyfriend Marilyn Manson at her side. Everything in this picture is so bad that it manages to transition into Bad Ass. Don’t try this look at home kids. 1998 MTV Video Music Awards

Iggy Azalea
At a very different MTV VMA’s wearing a very different naked dress. The strategically placed embroidery keeps the look chic without becoming too controversial.2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity Sightings
5. Mley Cyrus: The queen of the controversial fashion looks, Miley bared nearly all at the IHeart Radio Awards show. And as usual, we love her for it.elle-miley-cyrus-h-xln

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