Everything Not To Do On A Date


In a world of casual hook ups and dating apps, our generation may feel a bit out of our element, so to speak, when we actually go on real dates. If you haven’t gone on a date in years, or never have period and are faced with the prospect of one soon, here are a few dating etiquette tips and reminders of what you should not do.

1. Be late. 

Nothing screams inconsiderate like showing up late for a date. Assuming that you want to give the impression that you give some semblance of a !@#$ about this person, it’s best to make sure you’re on time.

2. Get completely wasted.

Sure, have a glass of wine or a cocktail and have fun, but don’t go overboard. Does the idea of throwing up in the bathroom while your date waits for you to come back sound appealing? What about the possibility of kissing after that? Yep, didn’t think so.

3. Talk about yourself in a negative way. 

Some people do this when their nervous. Sometimes people do it as a knee-jerk reaction to compliments. If your date tells you you look beautiful do not say that you don’t. Stand in your greatness and just say thank you.

4. Act like a stage five clinger. 

Even if you’ve been single for the past two years and you are ready to pounce on your date and possibly propose marriage, DO NOT under any circumstances reveal this. Doing this is basically a 100% guarantee that you will never hear from this person again.

5. Constantly check your phone. 

Unless you’re trying to ditch your date leave your phone out of sight and focus on getting to know them. That’s why you’re there, remember?

6. Skip out on eating because you want to look demure. 

Please eat. And while you’re at it eat what you want. Being hungry doesn’t make you sexier, skinnier, or prettier. It just makes you hungry.

7. Expect your date to pay for you. 

Sure, it’s nice to let the patriarchy do you a solid every once in a while since so much of the time it’s f*cking up your life. If your date offers to pay and you’re okay with that, then by all means, go ahead and let them pay. But, don’t show up without enough money to pay for yourself. You’re a grown a** woman who is perfectly able to buy your own dinner, act like it.

8. Talk about your ex at length.

Just don’t do it. Your date isn’t interested in your ex, and frankly, you shouldn’t be either. Your ex is irrelevant.

9. Wear something you can’t breath or walk in. 

You want to be comfortable and confident while you’re on a date, not teetering on 9 inch heels trying not to trip and fall. Pick out an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, and that you think looks hot by all means. Just make sure it doesn’t physically restrict you.

10. Talk about yourself the whole time. 

Although it’s probably easy to go on and on about all the amazing things you’ve done, you shouldn’t let this topic dominate your conversation. Make mental notes to ask your date questions about themselves, and actually listen to the answers. Getting to know your date and seeing if you two are compatible is the whole point of this, so let them talk.

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