Don’t Worry About Being Single, Everyone Else Is


You’re single. No matter how many times you’ve tried using Tinder, it’s just never worked out for you, and you’re tired of trying to find a significant other who isn’t crazy. At this rate, the likelihood that you’ll be married before the age of 30 is pretty low. No, seriously.

According to data released by Gallup between 2004 and 2014 the percentage of adults 18-29 who are single and have never been married has remained pretty consistent–averaging around 57% for the past ten years. There’s even been a steady trend upwards in recent years–with the percentage jumping from 49% in 2006 to 64% in 2014.

But young people aren’t just not getting married. We’re apparently all sad lonely souls (or maybe just too busy having loads of casual sex) to be in any type of committed relationship whatsoever. Gallup’s data also shows that the percentage of young people 18-29 who are living together has barely budged at all in the past ten years. It’s steadily hovered between 13-15%.


What does this mean? Well, the majority of millenials are just not walking down the aisle any time soon. Blame it on a bad economy that makes it difficult to justify spending money on weddings, or the lack of time any of us seem to have to make real connections. At Galore, we’ve interviewed quite a few powerful women who are way too focused on their careers to find the time to date, let alone get married.

So if you’re totally depressed about how you haven’t had a real boyfriend or girlfriend since senior year in high school– don’t worry. It doesn’t look like a lot of us have, either. No matter what your facebook feed brimming with wedding photos and new born babies might lead you to believe.

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