Even newly engaged couples are sick of wedding pics on social media

Unmarried people love to complain about the engagement and wedding photos that flood our social media feeds all year long, but guess what? Apparently, more than half of engaged couples are sick of this sh*t too.

That’s right, 52% of newly engaged couples told wedding registry site Zola in a survey that they’re just as annoyed by other people’s happiness as single people are.

The remaining 48% said they’re all for couples posting engagement and wedding pics online — so you’d think these people are the only ones who plan to post engagement and wedding pics, right?

Wrong. Even though half of newly engaged couples are annoyed by wedding-related photos on social media, only 7% said they won’t post pics of their own engagement on social. Selfish!

That means 93% of those couples plan to post engagement pics on social. And a full 83% said they plan to not only assault us with their ring selfies, but will also force us to scroll past pics of their wedding itself a year later. All while more than half of them claim to hate wedding and engagement pics on social.

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So clearly, something’s not adding up here. Do these couples not realize they’re part of the problem? If they realize engagement and wedding pics are annoying, why do they keep subjecting us to this sappy and borderline braggy rite of passage?

Well, one possible answer is pretty understandable when it comes to engagement photos: it’s easier than texting everyone they know. In the olden days, you’d post news of your engagement in the newspaper. Today, Facebook has killed local newspapers. So social media is all we have.

“We posted a picture on Facebook, and for the next few hours got calls and texts from basically all of our friends,” one couple told Zola. “And that was pretty fun! It was a good way to get the word out without having to individually tell people.”

Still, this tactic can backfire if your friends are petty. Some might be insulted that you didn’t text them first.

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“I wish I had told a few other friends before posting on social media because they found out that way,” one bride said. “I probably should’ve waited longer to post it.”

Another bride said she had to post on social, because her fiancé’s mom couldn’t keep her digital yap shut.

“My soon-to-be mother-in-law posted about our engagement on social media before I could,” she said, “so I had no choice.”

Yikes, she’s in for a fun life.

Zola dug up a few more interesting stats about posting engagement photos on social. Fifty-seven percent of couples post their photos within 24 hours, while 29% wait up to a week, 4% wait a month, and 3% wait more than a month. The remaining 7% never post.

Meanwhile, 54% of couples cop to loving ring selfies, while 46% said ring selfies are a don’t. I would have to agree with the pro-ring-selfie stance. If you’re going to force us to look at a cheesy posed pic of you and your fiancé with a caption about how you’re “marrying your best friend,” at least include the bling so we can screenshot and judge it in our group chats.

The survey also found that 32% will ban guests from taking photos during the ceremony, which is understandable because your aunt’s blurry pic of the back of the bride’s head walking down the aisle definitely doesn’t need to exist when thousands of dollars have been dropped for a professional wedding photographer.

Meanwhile, 3% will have a total social ban, which is psycho, sorry.

Anyway, happy proposal season to us all — especially the ones whose definition of “social media engagement” is how many likes and comments they get on an Instagram post.

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