Eva Green’s Sin City Poster Banned & 4 Other Banned Babes

Lock up your families ladies and gentlemen, apparently there is a dangerous new enemy on the loose: TITTIES. Rihanna’s Lui cover got her banned from Instagram, there was enough female body shaming going on to get Scout Willis toplessly protesting and now apparently Eva Green’s sexy comic book style poster has been banned by the MPAA for being too racy. What is it about the female body that is so threatening? Well, maybe we should be scared, this fear has been around for a long time. Here are a few more female bodies that were too hot for some to handle.


Perhaps it was only a matter of time before bad gal RI Ri got banned from social media but was her Lui cover really so offensive. There she is in all of her caramel colored glory, flaunting what God gave her. Personally, we think that the anti feminist instagrams that a certain music booker from South Florida has been posting lately are slightly ruder.Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.52.57 PM

Bar Rafaeli Underwear Ad
There is a Hoodies underwear ad featuring supersexy model Bar Rafaeli that was too hot for Israeli TV. To be fair, the muppet featured in the commercial is a bit on the creepy side so we may have to actually side with Israeli TV on this one…elle-bar-rafaeli-commercial-h-lgn

Body By Victoria
Victoria’s Secret is known for it’s uber sexy models, racy runway shows and fabulously undressed commercials. That’s why, watching this commercial it is such a shock that this was the only one that got banned. Especially considering how relatively covered up they are in it!

The Outlaw featuring Jane Mansfield
The Howard Hughes movie poster may be tame by today’s standards but the focus on her ample cleavage got people a little fired up at the time. We haven’t come too far though apparently, Eva Green’s creamy chest is still causing MPAA suits to sweat at their desks. Please people, let’s set the titties free.banned_posters_outlaw-580x435

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