Estelle: On Asserting Ownership In Music & Life

Estelle is back with such awesome energy and clarity. Her new single and video “Make Her Say” is nothing short of an assertion of female sexuality and the yearn for awesome sex, which is obviously what we LOVE. We chatted about the importance of keeping real, and how she holds this principle dear to her. Estelle has such a genuine genuineness about her that effortlessly comes through in her music and is so rare for an artist at her level. There’s no pretension, and she appears so unaffected by celebrity. Also- she’s from West London,, which is where I’m from so REPPIN ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Check out her brand new video/single below and read up on what she has to say about in our interview below. Also purchase it here!

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Photo by Uzo

Interview by @FrankieFatGold

What was the inspiration for the new single?
It was real life. The whole album is about what it feels like to get out of a relationship and become single, like what do you do? My performance has become more real, way more concise, clearer point of few.

Why do you think its important for women to assert these principle in music?
Assert ownership in life not just in music, I’ve never written a record that didn’t intend to instill power to get up and do something.

Do you think women have a responsibility to do this, or is it just down to the individual?
It’s individual, whatever works for you. In the future I might turn into a super girly girl. But for now, definitely not that.

Artists like Lily Allen and J-Lo have both created songs/videos intended to be subversive and bring questions of feel empowerment, what do you think of these ventures?
It works for them, I stay away from parody. I always stay as real as possible. Social commentary is definitely the point.

With the lyrics “beat the pussy up”, are you making reference to that Loverance and 50 Cent song?
[laughs] Absolutely not. It’s about great sex, make a record that is, about having great sex.

What can we expect from the video being released today?

Expressions of pure human beings, hardly any airbrushing & real people, did our best and hoped for the best.

Your album will be out later in the year, can you tell us anymore about it?
It’s my baby. I’m on my own label so this feels really awesome.

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