Erik Hassle: The Artist Successfully Merging Soul With Minimal

I was really struck by artist Erik Hassle, who you would never guess sings as beautifully as Frank Ocean that takes residence in a minimal electronic production that really does impress the ears. We’re not used to soul/r&b coming out of Sweden, but I spoke to Erik about the truth of this statement and how he got into doing this kind of music and what we cane expect from his new album.

Interview by @FrankieFatGold


Loved the sound and love your voice, how would you describe it?
Thank you so much. I grew up with a lot of soul music, so I’ve always loved it. I’m so inspired in LA, so I started doing my take of soul. I’m also a European and so I love minimal and electronic.

It’s unusual to hear r&b style music coming out of Sweden, how true is this statement?
I think soul is big in Sweden, but a lot of Swedish artists sing in swedish. We’ve always had a big crush on soul music, you get attracted to what you don’t have.

Talk about the EP “Somebody’s Party”, what was it inspired by?
First time I started writing was in therapeutic way where I was really inspired by life had done to me and taken me. I wrote most of the songs based on experience and then I got inspired by the urban scene in LA, hip hop crossing over into pop.

Is your debut album going to be similar?
It’s the next chapter in the journey, so a progression.

How was writing for pop queens Shakira and Rihanna? How did that come about?
This is one of the songs I’d been writing, and it started floating around and then Shakira was into it and then Rihanna was on it.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Bobby Womack & Gefaffelstein

What are you looking forward to this summer?
I’m in the summer all the time, so I guess I’m looking forward to lots of good shows and doing festivals, and maybe doing a couples in Stockholm.

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