Clothes Are Bullshit: Photographer Roams New York Completely Naked

Erica Simone is a photographer in New York who thinks fashion is bullshit and that our priorities are constantly in the wrong place. So she staged an art project on the streets of New York to get this message out and raise money for a photo book that shares this same message. She explained on her website: “As I watch an image-absorbed society care more about the sales at Barney’s than the homeless people they ignore as they parade by, I began to ponder: ‘What would the world feel like naked? What if we didn’t have clothing to come in between us? Or if we couldn’t show off our social status? What if all we had were our bodies to express our personalities?’ … From there, my photographic project was born. With a tripod and a couple ounces of adrenaline, I took to the busy streets to get a taste of New York in the nude”. Simone took photos of herself shopping, eating, on a plane, and climbing out of taxis, all completely naked (whoa). While recognizing that the images are shocking (and definitely NSFW) Simone’s intention is to create art that makes us all a little more aware of what we place between one another in society. Check out some of the photos below. And you can learn more about the project here.

galore_nude9 galore_nude8 galore_nude7 galore_nude6 galore_nude5 galore_nude4 galore_nude3 galore_nude2


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