Wait, Women Still Want To Throw Their Bras At Enrique Iglesias?

Last week, Enrique Iglesias performed in Sri Lanka and according to the BBC some of the women in attendance got so excited that they, “removed their bras in public, threw their underwear at the pop star, or rushed on stage to hug and kiss him.”

While here in the United States, women have largely gotten over their crushes on Enrique Iglesias, apparently the same can’t be said for women worldwide. 


If this was 2001, I’d understand. In September of 2001, eight days after two plane crashes changed the world, Enrique Iglesias released arguably the biggest song of his career: “Hero”. The song went platinum, spent 15 weeks orbiting around the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and was featured in all of your favorite early 2000s shows like Smallville, Scrubs and So You Think You Can Dance. But maybe you only remember the music video where Jennifer Love Hewitt and Enrique got steamy on a bed covered in money while Mickey Rourke chased Enrique through the desert and ended up giving him a beating that cost the pop star his life. 

I remember this music video. I remember wanting to find it sexier than I actually did. But then again I was also 12. 

However, while Enrique may have been our hero, then he got rid of his mole and let’s be real, we just didn’t feel like we knew him anymore. The fact that he’s even making headlines in both a testament to how slow the news cycle is between Christmas and New Years and a freak of nature akin to the fact that it was 70 degrees on Christmas in the East Coast.

Just like me, the president of Sri Lanka,  Maithripala Sirisena was shocked by the behavior of a handful of Enrique’s most enthusiastic fans. Unlike me however, he was so disturbed that he said that the people who organized the event “should be beaten with toxic stingray tails.” 

While this is clearly the overreaction of an extremely conservative world leader, the takeaway is the same: Enrique Iglesias’s continued popularity makes people do and say some weird things.

Photo via famousbodies.org AKA the most important site I discovered in 2015.  

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