Lana Performs Unreleased Song Opening Her Endless Summer Tour

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

The night of May 7th, 2015 she vehemently kicked off the Endless Summer Tour showing up with beautiful, long, middle parted waves, a rainbow-esque colored short cotton dress, and cute little heels that were 2 inches thick. It was just Lana and her band. Del Rey’s concerts become more and more ethereal—whether it’s with her Lolita like dresses or her collaborating with Courtney Love on the “Endless Summer Tour”. These upcoming shows are almost built as a reference a garden of Eden, a truly endless summer, chasing the sun. The life she always wanted, living in the heat, playing her music, singing her songs, writing her lyrics; living in her world of fantasy, ultimately her realty. Allowing Del Rey to transcend herself with her fans in each show. Her music shifts more into an endlessly serene reverberating concept instead of a simple live show.

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

Del Rey is a still phenomena. She tends to prove herself with every show, every performance. Del Rey is still legend, and every attribute she gives and feeds off from her fans is unstoppable. We can expect more from this show than any of her other ones, including her Paradise Tour, because she won’t filter herself anymore, she is not limiting herself. What she does is she creates herself with every song and shows it, loves it. Frankly, that’s what this Endless Summer Tour is about: pure artistry and delving into your own art and passion, vibrating between notes ad melodies that are only alive because its symbiotic. Lana has ways and idiosyncrasies which cannot be compared, but only be shared. Del Rey is an endless summer, she willingly exploits herself with her melodies and lyrics by encompassing a sort of nostalgic catharsis that everyone longs for. And she succeeds at it. Del Rey is a born legend and the endless summer is only the start of a new era: Honeymoon.

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

She has one aim, one goal with each song and it is to release and surrender to it. Her essence of pop rebellion arouses more people with each performance. She is a creator, although she no longer lives on the edge or on the run riding in cars with boys and drinking with the boss, but she is still a “Pin Up Galore” queen. She seemed to be living beyond the edge last night, living in tune with every nerve in her internal metronome. Del Rey embraces her strangeness and lives facing it, making love to it instead of residing in its shadow.

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

When she first announced her Endless Summer Tour, it wasn’t a shock she called on Courtney Love, a known idol to Del Rey. The love and respect they have for each other is almost intrinsic, so naturally they would end up touring at one point. LDR said it herself, “I’m so happy to be here and it’s definitely, it’s definitely legendary for us to be here with you and with Courtney too.”

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

A few hours before the show, some fans were standing by to witness her sound check where we learned not only will she be singing her most recent songs but some old gems too: “Serial Killer”, “Us Against The World”, “You Can Be The Boss”. These are unreleased songs and have been around for some years, but rarely, if ever, sung live. For her fan-base, this is one of the best gifts she can give us. This is because Del Rey’s older music is still as raw as it is nowadays, it is still a part of her unconscious theme and conscious stream instead of an old hit she never even really liked. Albeit, during sound check, she did exclaim in the middle of a song, “This is f***ing bullshit”—but she was probably talking about the potential cancellation on her show Saturday in Dallas, due to an expected amount of heavy rain. Nonetheless, Lana killed it in her first show in Woodlands, TX.

And as usual, these sound checks weren’t the only thing documented before her performance. Earlier that night her set list leaked, giving us 20 songs she was to allegedly sing, ranging from “Cola” to “Shades of Cool” and including a “New Song???”. Except that setlist was off by a couple of songs. Here is the real setlist for her kick off show that was hanging off a stage camera some fans sneaked pictures of:

Intro “Sleep Walk”  by Besty Brye

Cruel World


Blue Jeans

West Coast

Born to Die


Summertime Sadness

Chelsea Hotel

Brooklyn Baby

You Can Be The Boss

Serial Killer

Do Right (A new song? No, just a glorious cover)

Off To The Races

Lana, there you go again. This is why we love you.

Stay posted for an update on her last show in West Palm, Florida.

Galore Endless Summer Tour Lana

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