Why Your Egg White Habit Needs to End This Year

If you hopped aboard the fit train last year, you’ve probably made an egg white omelette by this point. Or at least thought about making one, before ordering from Grubhub instead. Whatever.

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The point is egg whites are typically equated with being healthy. People who are trying to lose weight make sure to eat egg whites only. But what about the egg yellows, better known as egg yolks? Do you even know why you’re shunning egg yolks in the first place?

Chances are, you’re avoiding egg yolks based on a 1940s study that linked them to high cholesterol. But it’s 2017 now, and that myth has since been debunked.

Just like dietary fat has been unfairly shamed previously, so was dietary cholesterol. You probably eat “good fats,” like avocados, religiously these days, so now it’s time to start adding egg yolks back into your diet too.

You don’t have to start adding eggs to your diet, assuming you’re already relatively healthy, but if you’re already eating eggs and ditching the yolks, that’s pointless. Yolks contain the majority of nutrients in the egg, including iron, folate, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Plus, the majority of nutritionists and doctors have no qualms about egg yolks these days, unlike the doctors of the 1940s.

“Dietary cholesterol does not translate into high levels of blood cholesterol,” Dr. Luc Djoussé, an associate professor and heart disease researcher at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, explained to Time.

Plus, the National Health’s 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines don’t place any restrictions on cholesterol intakes. Not that you probably trust the government for nutrition advice, but still good to know.

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Plus, eggs are the most bioavailable source of protein, explained Kate Patton, R.D., to Men’s Health, which means that your body can absorb and use egg protein better than any other food.

Like anything, even water, too much of anything is a bad thing.

A 2015 American Heart Journal study of people who previously were diagnosed with coronary artery disease found that eating even three eggs a day was okay, but more than that might be too much. Just like you probably wouldn’t want to eat four avocados or four bags of brown rice a day, you know?

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But the most compelling reason to start adding the yolks back into your diet once and for all? Food trend predictions foresee egg yolks as being huge this year. So not only will you be healthy, you’ll be a mother-fucking trendsetter.

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